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Student Health Advantage Insurance

Student Health Advantage Insurance

Student Health Advantage is an international student insurance plan meant to cover international students studying outside their home country. It is available on an individual, family, and group basis.

Student Health Advantage insurance is administered by International Medical Group (IMG).

Insurance coverage is available to individual, their spouse and dependent children. However, the premiums for dependents are much higher compared to the primary insured, which is similar to most other international student medical insurance plans.

Student Health Advantage meets the requirements of some universities. In addition to the medical, it also provides coverage for emergency medical evacuation, emergency reunion, return of mortal remains, political evacuation and other valuable benefits. Its outpatients prescription drugs coverage is limited only to 50% of the actual expenses. Pre-existing conditions are covered after 12 months (6 months for platinum plan) of coverage. Maternity coverage is available in the Student Health Advantage Platinum Plan as long as the conception occurs after the effective date of the policy.

You can either make an instant purchase on this web site, or you can apply over the phone or you can make a paper application. In either case, the price is the same.

Student Health Advantage insurance participates in a wide PPO network called United Healthcare PPO network which has a wide number of providers all across the United States.

Student Health Advantage international student medical insurance is underwritten by Sirius International Insurance Corporation, a White Mountains Insurance Group company, and is rated A "Excellent" by A.M. Best.

You can make an instant purchase of Student Health Advantage insurance online.

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