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Visitors Insurance for Healthy People

Visitors Insurance for Healthy People

My parents are healthy and visiting the USA. Do I really need to get visitors insurance for a healthy person?

Yes, anything can happen to anyone at any time. Healthcare expenses are very high in the U.S., you should definitely purchase visitors insurance for them to protect them and yourself.

But it has been many years since either of them have had even a minor illness, such as a cold or fever. They are only going to be here for a couple of months. What is the worst that could happen?

You don't expect the unexpected to happen to you or your loved ones; but unexpected things happen all the time, perfectly healthy people in the prime of their life have died from a heart attack or other fatal conditions, with no prior history of cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes or anything else.

Have you considered the accidents or injuries that happen to people every day? Just because nothing has happened so far, does not mean nothing will happen in the future. What about the stress and physical effects of such a long flight? An accident could happen any time, like stumbling and falling on an escalator, or tripping and spraining an ankle.

My mother is frequently sick, but my father is healthy. Should I just buy insurance for my mother?

Insurance is not only for sick people; healthy people can get sick, or be injured in an accident at any time.

Should I buy expensive insurance for my mother who gets sick frequently, but cheaper insurance for my father who is healthy?

That is not the best solution. If your father needs medical attention a cheaper insurance plan is most likely a fixed coverage plan, which would only pay a limited amount, leaving you to pay the difference beyond that amount.

But visitors insurance does not pay the claims most of the time any way.

This is absolutely NOT true, all legitimate claims are paid. It is true that routine maintenance, check ups, maternity or other preventive services are not covered in any visitors insurance. In fact, those type of services are not covered in any short term medical insurance.

I am a guest in USA. As a courtesy and guest hospitality, shouldn't the U.S. government take care of medical expenses in case I get sick or injured in your country?

There is no such courtesy extended to guests visiting from another country. You will be required to pay the expenses yourself if you don't buy visitors medical insurance.

Why can't I just buy the cheapest possible insurance available anywhere for my mental satisfaction?

Until you need to use insurance, it is just a piece of paper. You may not understand the complete details of the benefits until you need to use the insurance; usually, what you pay for is what you get. You really need to consider what it will cover if you need it.

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