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J-1 Visa Compliant Health Insurance

J-1 Visa Compliant Health Insurance

For all non-immigrants visiting the U.S. on a J-1 or J-2 visa, the U.S. Department of State mandates that they must have a J-1 visa compliant insurance, and they must meet the minimum requirements set by the government.

All the insurance plans listed in our J-1 visa insurance section meet the standard requirements set by the government. However, the organization (school, university, research center, lab or any other organization) that the J visa holder is attending (the sponsoring organization) may have set additional requirements on their own. And all of their participants must meet those minimum requirements.

Of course, all of the J-1 visa insurance plans may or may not meet those requirements. Usually, such organizations have a compliance form that the insurance company must sign to show that the J-1 visa holder has purchased insurance that meets all of their requirements. In such cases, please send us the compliance form or the requirements listed in it using the information provided in our Contact us page and we would be glad to suggest the plans that meet those requirements (not always possible) and help you select the most suitable plan among them.

Please note that some insurance companies will sign the form only if all of the requirements are met by their plan, while others will be glad to sign the form and indicate what requirements are met and what aren't and it is up to the organization whether to accept such form.

In case of such additional requirements, it is advisable not to buy any insurance plan until you have made sure that all the additional requirements are met by the plan or you have made sure that your organization is willing to waive some of those requirements (for example, maternity coverage for male only participant.)

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